Win Hanverky has been engaged in the Manufacturing Business for around 30 years, manufacturing sportswear principally on an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) basis for international sports brands for export to Europe.
The Group has strong and close working relationships with its sportswear manufacturing customers, including the adidas Group and the Reebok Group. In particular, Win Hanverky is one of the apparel largest sportswear suppliers of the adidas Group.
Win Hanverky provides a vertically integrated manufacturing solution covering various critical stages of the sportswear supply chain, including fabric knitting and dyeing, sportswear and accessories manufacturing, embroidery and printing services. It has built up a reputation for high quality and standards, efficient operation and reliable product delivery thanks to the "lean production module" adopted by its sportswear production facilities.
Its production facilities are strategically located in the PRC, Vietnam and Cambodia. These diverse manufacturing bases allow Win Hanverky to plan production amounts and adjust facilities to alleviate the negative impact from trade restrictions and safeguard measures imposed by importing countries.